Cloth Diapers For Sale

Here are some Cloth Diapers for sale. I purchased them for my kids first hand over a period of 3 years. We are a smoke-free pet-free home. I have always line/sun dried all the diapers, never once machine dried, hence they don’t have any stinks or stains
I also have a bunch of inserts that I can throw in if you are buying all the diapers.

I have described the condition of the diapers to the extent that I could. Photos are attached. Diaper condition is described using the terminology definitions from this guide:
Please look up for the terms in the above link in case you need further clarifications.
Here is the main list. Note that price does NOT include shipping:

I will add in a bunch of inserts with the set.

$20 – Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Fitted Diapers (4 diapers – 2 snaps, 2 no closures) – Excellent Used Condition


$35 – BumGenius 4.0 (2 diapers), Elemental, Freetime – Used Condition

$18 – Kawaii One Size (6 diapers) – Good Used Condition

$82 – Lalabye Baby Pocket AI2 (4 Diapers), Stashologie Pocket Diaper (2 Diapers) – Good Used Condition

SOLD: Owl diaper and Black diaper

$12 – BumGenius Freetime Lovelace – Used Condition

$15 – Tots Bots Easy Fit Snap, Chicken Little – Used Condition

$10 – Thirsties AIO Snap – Used Condition

$24 – Softbums Omni Shell, No-Prep Softbums One-Size Bamboo Super Pod

$15 – Grovia One Size AIO Color Sweetgrass – Good Used Condition – SOLD

$14 – AppleCheeks Size 2 With Insert – Good Used Condition

$10 – Flip Cover Lovelace, Used Condition

$8 – Blueberry One-Size Bamboo Deluxe Diapers, Used Condition

$18 – Grovia O.N.E Cloud, Excellent Used Condition

$24 – Clotheez Prefold Cotton Diapers 1 Dozen

$12 – PlanetWise Diaper Cover Size 1 – Good Used Condition, Flame print is missing one snap (Basically, you get the fame print free)

$8 – Nickis Diapers Newborn Bamboo AIO – Excellent Used Condition/Barely Used

$28 – Nickis Diaper Cover One Size – Excellent Used Condition

$15 – Best Bottom One Size Diaper Shell Snaps – Like New

$16 – Imagine One Size Diaper Cover (2 Diaper Covers)- Like New

$38 – Rumparooz Cover One Size – Like New

$16 – Stashologie Covers (2 diapers) – Excellent Used Condition

$16 – Flip Cover (2 diaper) – Good Used Condition

$15 – Blueberry Simplex 2.0 – Monkeys – Large – Good Used Condition

$8 – Econobum Zinnia One Size Cover – Like New

$40 – Grovia O.N.E (2 diapers) – In original package, Like New

$30 – Grovia Hybrid Shell Waterproof Diaper Cover (2 Diapers) – 1 Never Used (washed once), 1 original packaging – Like New

$18 – Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted – Excellent Used Condition/ Barely Used

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